Student Financial Assistance Outreach Center
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About Us


The Student Financial Assistance Outreach Center (SFAOC) assists those who are interested in furthering their education. We provide financial aid information for those who want to apply for the many grants, scholarships, and loans that are available.  There is financial aid available for almost anyone especially economically disadvantaged persons regardless of race, class, or personal situations. We also provide other services to help us reach our goals such as:

     * Researching financial aid search engines

     * Researching financial aid from colleges and universities

     * Contacting college financial aid officers

     * Informing elementary school students about college admissions and financial aid

     * Informing community organizations about financial aid availability for college and other postsecondary

        educational opportunityies

We've been around for over fifteen years informing thousands of students on how to receive financial aid.  Many of them have gone on to pursue the highest levels of education.

The Student Financial Assistance Outreach Center is a government entity funded through a grant appropriated by the State of Illinois to enable the State of Illinois to attain the following goals:

          * Increase to 45% the postsecondary enrollment rate of low income students by 2025

          * Increase to 60% the proportion of adults with postsecondary credentials by 2025